Update Your Home in a Week With This Checklist

Johnny Garner

Home improvement is a major task for homeowners all over the United States. Whether you live in a sleepy beachside town on the Hawaiian coast or commute to work from an urban apartment in the dense and fast-paced concrete jungle of New York, Chicago, or Boston, maintaining your home is a crucial part of the puzzle that is homeownership.

The truth is that Americans engage in a whopping $400 billion worth of renovations each year, and as panic over the coronavirus pandemic begins to subside in some parts of the country, record spending in this arena is starting to poke through. Homeowners who struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance while spending all their time within their own homes over the last year and a half are eager to knock down walls, add extensions, or reimagine the entire kitchen space in order to reinvigorate their property and emotional health at the same time.

With these action items on your home improvement to-do list, getting started and quickly progressing toward a conclusion on any improvement project that you are thinking of tackling can be made simple.

Target the kitchen for a cost-effective modernization.


Starting in the kitchen is a common theme among homeowners who are looking for ways to re-energize their living space. Décor in the kitchen and dining room can go out of fashion in a hurry, and with the introduction of more modern fixtures, your experience cooking and enjoying the company of your family will be made all the more enjoyable. As well as the aesthetic upgrade that a kitchen remodel can provide for you and your family, updates in this area of the home often increase resale value by a wide margin, providing a great return for your investment in the home itself; after all, your home is likely your most valuable financial asset, as well as a living space for your loved ones.

Consider appliance repair to keep costs low.


One way to make a splash in the cooking space is to include appliance repair as a standard approach. These accessories are a must in any home, but for those living in rural areas—or in the remote island location of Hawaii—a new washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator can cost a pretty penny. Fixing the appliance with the help of a craftsman that you trust in your local area is a far better way to keep costs low while maintaining high-quality and functional appliances in the home year-round. When seeking out a professional for this job, make sure you check out home pages and online reviews for a depth of research into any service provider (see more on repair works for the kitchen and whole home at honoluluappliancerepairpro.com).

Introduce new furniture for new energy across the home’s space.


Furniture is another feature of the home that can age gracelessly. Adding new custom furniture pieces alongside any update you are conducting in the property can provide an immediate boost to the functionality and comfort level that you and your family experience while at home. A new sofa that ties in with durable flooring or a new paint scheme is a surefire way to immediately reimagine the way your home looks and feels.

Your home is what you make of it, so providing the space with a bit of love and attention is a great way to boost the aesthetic appeal of the space and lock in a new and improved sense of comfort and quality in your home for the long term. Take the time to address these aspects of your home today in order to enjoy it for years to come.

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