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Ten Musica features the prominent voices of music, style, and lifestyle journalism.

We are the acclaimed team of voices for those looking to learn and experience new music, fresh styles, and the latest lifestyle guides. Our editors and writers have decades of diverse experience between them, and a shared passion for shaping the industry of music and style journalism. The Ten Musica team remains committed to providing resources and engaging reads that reflect the ever-changing and inspiring world of art and life.

Discover Our Voices.

Editor in Chief

Julietta Jorgensen is the editor-in-chief of Ten Musica. She is a life-long musician and journalist with a passion for music reporting and composition.

Content Editor

Johnny Garner is the senior content manager for Ten Musica. His passion for writing, music editing, and recording, pushed him to pursue a career in music production.

Senior Staff Editor

Roxy Millard is senior staff editor of Ten Musica. She is a writer and designer with a degree in visual communications. She also holds a graduate degree in Music Education from Providence College.

Assistant Editor

Darcie McLeod is the assistant editor for Ten Musica. She was trained as a classical pianist at Berkeley in Boston, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree.

Staff Writer

Colin Rose is a staff writer for Ten Musica. He got his start in the music and writing industry at University of Washington in Seattle, where he wrote and edited articles on local music events.

Staff Writer

Andre Austin is a staff writer with Ten Musica. Andre holds a degree in creative writing from Temple University. He has contributed to several online publications...