Tips for Transitioning From Being a Dog-Mom to a Human-Mom

Darcie McLeod

We all know at least one couple who signs their holiday cards with the names of their dogs. Some dog moms even pose their fur babies in Christmas sweaters or other adorable accessories just to show them off to friends and family. While some may find it funny, it’s actually no real surprise that pet owners feel similar bonds to their animals as human mothers to their babies. Obviously, there’s a difference between an animal and a human being. But if you’re a dog mom who’s expecting, you might be surprised to learn that you already know more about human babies than you may think. If you are pregnant and already love a fur baby, read on to see why your transition from dog mom to human mom will be easier than you might think.



Think back to when you first decided to rescue your puppy or became determined to become a dog owner. If you’re pregnant or considering having a baby, you may be closer to that same moment now than you think. Whether you adopted a small dog or went for a larger breed, you likely had to think about the supplies you’d need to keep your canine companion happy and healthy. The same applies to human beings.

If you’re about to become a mother and have anxiety about what you’ll need, remind yourself that a nursing bra, breast shields, snack trays, and Elvie breast pump, and crib aren’t all that much different than a dog bed, dog harness, and dog bowls. If you made a list before you hit the pet store, you could do exactly the same thing here. A list is a great way to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you aren’t sure exactly what you might need for your baby, ask family members and friends. They’ll be sure to have tips on what to get and where to save your money the same way your neighbor did about that humane bark collar or reflective leash for your puppy.

While it may sound crazy, think about it. How are puppy training pads really different than diapers for a human baby? If you’re already a great mommy to your pup, it won’t be too hard to make the leap into human parenting.



The same way you put a dog harness on your puppy for their daily routine, you’ll want to think about fresh air and exercise for you and your baby. This means you’ll want to add a jogging stroller, carriage, car seat, and other items for moving around town to your supply list. To do this most effectively, you’ll want to do your research. While looking up hacks for using a stroller the same way you might have researched how to get your dog to heel, now is the perfect time to see what options are out there for car rides, walks around the neighborhood, and even feeding your baby.

When making the transition from fur momma to human mommy, remember why you first started walking your dog. Odds are it wasn’t only for the pup’s sake but for your own, too. The same thing applies here. When finding the perfect stroller, look at options for everything from stroller handles to durability while keeping in mind any special needs you may have to make the exercising fun for you too. Not only will setting healthy routines to be good for you and your baby, but you might even be able to take your pup along for the stroll as well.



Does your big dog have a favorite place he or she sleeps? You’ll want to do the same for your baby. Whether setting up a nursery or giving your baby a spot in your room, decorating is a big part of the nesting period that comes along with being a new mom. You’ll have more fun with this if you think creatively. Consider a theme or color scheme and base your first purchase around that. There really are no wrong answers. Whether it’s the best faux fur rug in hot pink or the perfect hanging mobile for your baby, try to have fun with the process of anticipating and preparing for your baby.

When decorating and preparing for your baby, you may also be surprised how much you actually don’t need. For example, if your house is already filled with pet-safe gates for your puppy, you’re already one step ahead of human mothers who haven’t had the experience of adding a new member to the family. So, before you go shopping, take an inventory of what might cross over from pet to human being. While you’re at it, get your fur baby involved. No matter what kind of dog you have, odds are they will enjoy following you around the house and yard, figuring out what you need. Remember to think about making sure your pet’s toys and products are kid safe and childproof too.

Doing your Homework


Parenting is never easy. No matter how many books you read, there’s only so much preparation you can do for your new baby. But something being challenging doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try either. While thinking about what your baby will need, be sure to pick up some books on parenting and how to spend high-quality time with a new baby. Going forward, you’ll want to do the same too. And before you know it, you’ll be reading books on how to build a strong relationship with your child’s teacher.

Time flies. The same way your large breed dog now takes up two spots on the couch, that will become your baby soon enough. All the fears or anxieties you have now will be long forgotten as you move through each phase of your child’s life. No different than how it’s been with your best furry friend, you’ll feel that connection and love for your baby as you move together through life. Taking a deep breath and enjoying the ride is the best thing you can do for yourself and your child. Take the time to enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy and don’t forget to pick up a treat for your dog too. Remember, they are getting a new family member they will love soon, too.

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