Tips for Documenting Your Skincare Routine on YouTube

Darcie McLeod

When you are trying to grow your online audience, consistent posting is critical for long-term growth. You need to have several ideas in the works to ensure you are creating high-quality daily content. You also need to work in time for editing and promoting. When growing a brand, you need to focus on the details of each video to ensure the way you look, speak, and act are all consistent with the brand you’ve created.

There are many examples of branded content but the beauty-blogging industry has been one of the most successful. If you’re building a brand as a beauty influencer, you’ll want to post frequently on beauty topics. One option is to document your skincare routine in videos to post on YouTube. You’ll be building your brand and authority while also creating content to promote another brand and include an affiliate link to earn a percentage of any sales of skincare products generated from your videos. For more help, here are some tips for documenting your skincare routine on Youtube.

Focus on the products you are using.


Plant based skincare is growing in popularity as more people want products with natural ingredients nutrients free of irritants and harsh chemicals. It is critical to describe the products you are using in detail so the viewers know exactly what is in them. If there are ingredients like avocado, essential oils, aloe vera, antioxidants, or vitamins, make sure to explain that in the video. Think of the video as being educational for the viewer.

Describe the benefits.


When talking about why you chose particular skincare products or how they are working, describe how your skin feels afterward. Promoting a brand is effective when it lets viewers see the emotions they will feel if they buy the product. They don’t want to know if the cleanser is “excellent” but rather, they want to see if it made your skin feel soft, reduced redness, or helped to enhance that daily glow.

The viewer wants to know if your confidence was elevated from using the products. Unlike TV commercials, ads promoted by influencers allow for more trust between the promoter and the viewer. As an influencer, your job is to build a relationship with your following so that they are more confident and willing to buy the beauty products that you’re using on your skin.

Create a storyboard.


A storyboard is a plan for the video and will lay out what you will tape for each portion of the video. You’ll decide how and when you are introducing personal care products. You’ll choose when you’re going to talk about skincare, the purest ingredients, the glow you felt, and your favorite products from the company in the video. You can decide if and when you are going to talk about your experience with skincare oil, collagen, and supplements. You get to decide what is important enough to include and what you will cut out.

Always include the links.


When promoting a skincare brand, make sure to include the affiliate link in the description and tell people to follow the link in the description. Explain why the products in the link provided are part of your daily beauty routine. Show the packaging for the products, so the viewer knows what it looks like, and tell them about the beauty brand overall.

Documenting your skincare routine as a form of branded content may seem like something simple enough that you can do without a lot of planning. However, planning out your videos, creating a storyboard, recording lots of content, and editing take a lot of time. If you want viewers to see you as an authority on beauty, you need to take the time to do it right.

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