Summer Heat Got You Down? Here’s How to Beat It

Johnny Garner

Summertime heat can be brutal. Some days, no amount of sunscreen, flowing clothing, or portable fan use can prepare you for what is waiting right outside of your perfectly air-conditioned home. If you’ve ever experienced real heat, you’ve experienced the fatigue that comes along with it. The scientific reasoning behind that is called vasodilation. Vasodilation is a process in which your body’s blood dilates. This permits increased blood flow closer to the surface of your skin, which is also why extra hot weather makes people appear flushed!

This neat process cools your body down but it also takes up a lot of energy. So, it’s no surprise that summer heat makes us lazy. Feel free to use this fun fact next time you feel like having a chill day by the pool. Thankfully, there are several items you can add to your bag of tricks this summer to make sure you stay cool with little to no effort. Don’t worry, we’ve read the reviews so you don’t have to.

Ice, Ice, Baby!img

As the temperature rises, your freezer may struggle to keep up with the pounds of ice you go through on a hot summer day. For those whose refrigerators don’t have icemaking capabilities or opt to use ice trays, keeping your supply of ice fresh and ready for use can be a constant challenge. Waiting around for those precious frozen cubes to form can feel like an eternity. Thankfully, a countertop ice maker is a convenient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution. An ice maker that lives on your countertop during the summer months can add to your cold production capabilities, and then simply go into storage for the colder months. Adding this immediate boost to your ice making options is a great way to instantly cool down the entire family.

No more waiting around for your refrigerator to catch up after the kids have made smoothies (and a mess). So take a “Chill Pill” and rest easy. This little number boasts a 2.2-liter water reservoir that holds up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time—definitely enough ice for your soda or lemonade. That sounds pretty big, but this ice maker is designed to sit on your kitchen countertop, so it doesn’t take up much space. In fact, it’s just 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches. The best part? It can create small and medium-size ice cubes at lightning speed. You could be looking at a fully stocked ice bin in as little as 6 minutes!

Hydration is key.


Another way to beat the heat this summer is to stay hydrated. If you use a water filtration pitcher, this tends to look like 10 trips a day between the refrigerator and the sink.

Rather than adding this constant hassle to your daily routine, many people opt for a water dispenser instead. A water dispenser can provide clean water in an instant, no waiting for the tap water to painstakingly drip through the filter. It holds water by the gallon, so you won’t have to worry about refilling too often, depending on the level of usage. Fortunately, when it finally does go empty, you can just order more. Companies that deliver water are in high demand these days as more and more people are working from home.

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we think of life, and delivery services have risen by a huge margin over the last year. Take a note out of the office routine that you once spent most of your weekdays within, hire a delivery service to bring water right to your front door.

Staying hydrated this summer is an important part of maintaining health and comfort, don’t skimp on these additions.

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