Suitable Gift Ideas for Alzheimer’s Patients

Colin Rose

There is always the hard to shop for person in your life. Choosing a gift for anyone in normal circumstances can, at times, be difficult. But how do you shop for a family member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia? We have compiled some great ideas for anyone suffering from memory loss.

Gifts for Early Stage Alzheimer’s

In the early stage of the disease, a person may still be to function independently. Your family member may still be able to drive and live on their own. They may begin to have memory lapses, such as forgetting a familiar face or everyday object. A great gift idea could be a homemade family album that chow cases their life from young to older. Pictures can often spark memories and some fun conversations. If the photo album goes well, you can also try making a recipe box of their favorite recipes to keep them cooking and eating well. You can add in a personalized coffee mug with a special face on it to brighten their day.

Another fun idea could be a day clock since they have large LED displays and show the time, day, week, and month. If you have children that still want to see their favorite grandparent, you should try a simple board game. Keeping the game easier will cause less frustration and lead to a more fun-filled game.

Middle-Stage Alzheimer’s

Middle-stage Alzheimer’s is typically the longest stage and can last for many years. This usually means that your loved one will start to require more at-home care. During this phase, the symptoms are more prominent as they may mix up their words and get angry quicker. Brain damage can also make it hard for them to express their anger.

A coloring book can brighten anyone’s day and calm them down since it is often relaxing. Being able to unleash their creative side and holding crayons also helps keep motor skills at a working level. The bright colors can also help to keep them in a positive attitude. Puzzles are another fun idea since you can choose any picture that they like. Again holding the puzzle pieces will also help with motor skills. If you are looking for a more practical gift, you could also try an automatic pill dispenser to make their day a bit easier since it can often help with medication management. Instead of worrying and thinking, does health insurance cover Alzheimer’s care? You can rest easy knowing their medication is planned out.

Late Stage Alzehmier’s

During this latent stage, the dementia symptoms are pretty bad. Your loved ones will lose the ability to respond to the environment around them. They will also not be great at keeping a conversation going. Communicating, in general, becomes a struggle as they still will recall words and phrases but will struggle with a full conversation. Naturally, the memory worsens, and their personality changes.

Gifts for family members in the late stage of the disease can be a little bit trickier to shop for. A stuffed animal can be a welcomed gift since they are soft. It could be fun to find one that resembles a beloved dog or cat to spark memories. Since communication can often be difficult, painting is a great way to escape their minds and express themselves. If your loved ones can still go out and about, why not treat them to a spa day? A manicure and pedicure can lift anyone’s spirits and show them that they are beautiful inside and out.

We hope that finding the right gift for your loved one has been made a bit easier. Whatever you chose, your family member will be thrilled that you thought of them.

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