Staying Active with Your Dog Could Save You Money on Healthcare Costs

Andre Austin

Let’s be real. Dogs are the best! From puppy to full-grown, our canine pals can put a smile on our face and pull us out of the deepest funk. Even when they do the wrong thing, you can’t stay mad at that cute little pup. As it turns out, our dogs really love us too and want us to be around a long time for more playtime and walks. In fact, their running around could help you save money on your health insurance.

Here’s how staying active with your dog can save you money on your healthcare costs.

Your health affects your premiums.

Most marketplace health insurance programs cover the same essential benefits, but insurance providers can adjust premiums based on certain factors that include:

Age — The cost of private health insurance coverage for older customers can be higher than that of a younger customer. Medicare is the main way health care is accessed, either partially or fully covering most primary health care services. This is usually a preferred option among older customers.

Location — Where you live can create a deviation in the price of your health insurance premiums. Differences in competition among private insurers, along with state and local rules, will impact how much you pay. There’s also accounting for the cost of living in your area.

Tobacco Use — Health insurance providers can charge tobacco users more than those who don’t smoke. This can go as far as to factor in tobacco use in the past six months.

Walking the dog can improve your health.

No matter if it’s a big dog or a puppy, the most active of our furry friends are always ready to get outside and go for a walk. Their wanting to roam is not just for them. It actually can help you feel your best. Dog owners see improvements in their cardiovascular fitness thanks to regular walks with their pets, as well as lower blood pressure and stronger bones and muscles.

Dogs also have a psychological impact on their owners, decreasing stress with their unconditional love often acting as a boost to self-esteem. Professionals recommend daily walks of up to 30 minutes with your dog, depending on their size, roughly five times per week. Of course, if your four-legged pal is up for it, and so are you, get that exercise out as often as you see fit.


Walking your dog improves their health too!

A regular walk is important for a dog’s health, as it helps combat obesity, which normally is the gateway for other medical problems in canines like cardiovascular disease and osteoarthritis. But big dogs and little dogs alike can get eager when walking, with plenty of leash pulling that not only frustrates you but could be dangerous with the amount of pressure on their trachea.

Consider getting the best harness for dogs that pull that is a proper fit no matter your puppy’s size. Harnesses with breathable mesh that focuses on a dog’s comfort, allows for greater mobility even when your dog’s pulling to try and escape. A vest-style harness is actually recommended by a veterinarian to prevent any choking, especially in smaller dogs, while providing better control with a large dog. These harnesses provide a much simpler release with a plastic buckle for a quick exit once you and your buddy are back home and they are free to roam.

For smaller puppies, it is tough to brace yourself for the size, and some harnesses are available for a custom fit. With extra comfort and a not too snug fit, dogs will feel a limited amount of pressure on their chest, limiting dog pull. This method also helps to create any issues with behavior you may have experienced during daily walks in the past, making for a more enjoyable experience for you and your dog for plenty of future walks together — making you both healthy and ultimately cutting down on any healthcare costs.

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