I Want to Study Fashion—Where Do I Start?

Andre Austin

For people with a passion for fashion, breaking into the industry can be difficult. The fashion world is vast and lucrative, but the competition between industry talent for top positions is stifling. However, if you learn the industry and perfect your craft, you could be one of those to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Having passion is one thing, but flourishing in the fashion industry requires skill and expertise. There are a variety of ways to learn about the fashion industry, and the key is picking the right path for yourself. Continue reading to learn about some of the ways you can get an education in couture.

Go to a fashion school


If you think knowing how to match a pencil skirt or A-line dress with the perfect blazer makes you ready to become a fashion consultant or designer, you have a lot to learn. The good news is there are plenty of institutions of higher learning for people who are interested in the fashion industry. You can specialize in anything from fashion design and theory to management and marketing.

If you want to go to fashion school right after high school, now is the time to start preparing. The college admissions process is arduous, but an Empowerly admissions counselor can help you put together an academic plan to get you into your school of choice.

College counseling help is the best way to get into a fashion school that will propel you toward your career goals. Empowerly offers admissions counseling at an affordable rate, and their counseling services are effective. With their support services, you can create an educational plan and increase your chances of getting into your school of choice.

Get a job at a clothing store


Going to an art or fashion school isn’t the only way to get into the fashion world. There are plenty of successful designers, managers, and marketers who started at the bottom rung of the industry and worked their way up.

Working in a clothing store is a great way to put money in your pocket while learning the basics of the fashion industry. There are plenty of boutiques and fashion houses looking for people who have an eye for fashion and a knack for helping people find the perfect cocktail dress and sandals with high heels for their wardrobe.

With your natural gift for giving fashion advice that never goes out of style, you can climb the rungs of the fashion industry and become a top consultant. Just remember that your potential isn’t limited by where you start.

Apprentice under a fashion designer or consultant


One of the most important skills to have in the fashion industry is networking. It’s imperative to be an effective and persuasive communicator. Furthermore, you have to know how to market yourself to remain in considerations for opportunities when they arise.

With that being said, if there are any local fashion designers or boutique owners, you should approach them about apprenticing with them. You should also search online for internships and apprenticeships in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Paris that are known for fashion. Apprenticing is the best way to get hands-on experience that will have you on the right track and possibly earn some income at the same time.

Learn on your own


There are plenty of people who have achieved astonishing success without any formal education or apprenticing. The truth is you can teach yourself almost anything these days with the internet. Teaching yourself requires focus and discipline, but if you’re serious about living your dream, you can forge your own path to success.

The fashion industry may not be the easiest in the world to get into, but you can greatly increase your chances by charting the correct educational path. You could even become the next Coco Chanel.

Whether you go to fashion school, work in a clothing store, or teach yourself the industry, you must be goal-oriented and persistent to make it in the fashion industry. With the right foundation, work ethic, and passion, you can achieve your dream job.

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