How To Style Diamonds in Your Everyday Look

Johnny Garner

When it comes to diamonds, there are no hard and fast rules. However, there are a few guidelines you can follow to help you style diamonds in your everyday look. Here are a few diamond trends to keep in mind while style your everyday gemstones.



A solitaire diamond ring is a classic style that will never go out of fashion. It can be worn on any finger and is perfect for any occasion. A solitaire diamond is a great way to add some sparkle to your everyday look.


A halo diamond is a great way to add some extra sparkle to your look. A halo ring features a ring of smaller diamonds around a larger center diamond. This design makes the center diamond look larger and more sparkly. These diamonds are a great choice for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or anniversary ring.

Halo diamonds come in a variety of styles. You can choose a simple halo diamond, or opt for a more intricate design. If you are looking for a unique ring, consider a colored center diamond.

No matter what style you choose, a halo diamond will add some extra glamour to your look.


A pave diamond is a great way to add some extra sparkle to any outfit. Pave diamonds are set in a way that creates a sparkly effect. They can be used to add some extra glamour to an outfit, or to dress up a more casual look. Pave diamonds are a great way to make any outfit look special.



Vintage diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Vintage diamonds are diamonds that are antique or vintage in style. They may be older than 100 years, or they may simply have a look that is reminiscent of older, more traditional designs.

There are a few things to consider when buying a vintage diamond. First, you need to decide what type of vintage diamond you want. There are three main types: Art Deco, Retro, and Edwardian. Art Deco diamonds are typically geometric in shape, with lots of angles and sharp lines. Retro diamonds are more whimsical and often have a bubbly look. Edwardian diamonds are often very ornate, with intricate designs and lots of diamonds.

Once you’ve decided on the style of diamond you want, you need to find a reputable dealer who specializes in vintage diamonds. Vintage diamonds can be more difficult to find and more expensive than modern diamonds, so it’s important to find a dealer you can trust.

When shopping for a vintage diamond, it’s important to remember that they are not necessarily less valuable than modern diamonds. In fact, some vintage diamonds can be quite rare and valuable. So, if you’re looking for a unique and elegant addition to your jewelry collection, a vintage diamond may be the perfect choice.

Colored Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, there is one thing that everyone can agree on—they are incredibly beautiful. However, there is one other thing that is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to diamonds—colored diamonds. Colored diamonds come in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, and green.

One of the reasons that colored diamonds are becoming more popular is because the color can add an extra level of beauty to the diamond. Additionally, the color can also add value to the diamond. For example, a pink diamond may be worth more than a white diamond.

If you are looking for a unique diamond that will stand out, then you should consider buying a colored diamond. Not only will you be adding beauty to your jewelry collection, but you will also be adding value.

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