How to Stay Active After a Hearing Loss Diagnosis

Darcie McLeod

Hearing, like all of the other senses, could be something that most of us take for granted. We all expect to be able to test our next meal, see the ocean when we are at the beach, and hear the birds outside. When one of those senses disappears, though, it could have a drastic impact on the quality of life. Unfortunately, that fact is that 37.5 million Americans over the age of 18 reports some form of hearing problems.

Your hearing ability impacts your daily life and how you interact with your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Although your hearing loss might be suffering from profound hearing loss, the good news is that it can be successfully managed. In recent years, in fact, hearing technologies have significantly advanced and are undergoing continual improvement. What this means is that, while hearing loss is life-changing, with some adjustment, it doesn’t have to be debilitating. Let’s take a look at how you can stay active even after a hearing loss diagnosis.

Accept Help


While hearing issues can arise at any age, hearing problems increase as people get older. If you suspect that your hearing may be deteriorating, it is crucial to seek treatment early on to effectively deal with and manage any hearing issues. If left untreated, your hearing loss could impact your social life, diminish your quality of life and even create mental health problems. An audiologist or other hearing professional can diagnose the issue and develop an appropriate treatment plan. That treatment plan could include surgery or a hearing aid. The first step to getting back to living an active lifestyle is to seek help.

While hearing aids aren’t a cure for hearing loss, in a majority of cases they can help people with moderate or even severe hearing loss live normal lives. For those with a hearing impairment, an adjustment to hearing aids can be a great way to get back to living. Hearing aids act like small computers that have the ability to be programmed to the needs and preferences of the patient. Wireless technology like Bluetooth can allow for streaming to smartphones, laptops, speakers, TVs, and more. Using other modern technologies and advanced features, most hearing aids can analyze background noise and make appropriate adjustments.

Different hearing aid models can offer various levels of sound quality and noise reduction. Given all of the new technology packed into hearing aids today, it is important that you consult a hearing specialist to find the best hearing aids on the market for your needs. Doing so will help you stay active even with severe hearing loss.

Live Life


No matter if you enjoy tennis, golf, basketball, or even wrestling, hearing aids today can handle all of your favorite activities. If you like to sail or participate in water sports, water-resistant hearing aids can help you get back to these activities. Your hearing ability shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying long runs, rollerblading, or ice skating. The health benefits of ice skating are numerous and shouldn’t be sacrificed just because you can’t hear.

Hearing aids can fit into these lifestyles and let you get in a great workout. The goal is not just to hear well but to do so while you are doing the things you love. Even though you are paying more attention to your hearing care, you don’t have to let it dictate your life. Whether hitting the ice rink or tennis court you can do so confidently knowing that you have taken care of your hearing and your lifestyle.

As you adapt to your new normal with a level of hearing loss, the type of hearing aid you choose will help you live your best life possible. Even though you have become a hearing aid wearer, doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle. Taking a hearing test is the first step towards getting back to your life. Once you do that, you can choose your treatment and new hearing aid and then get back to your life. The health benefits of an active lifestyle don’t have to be surrendered due to hearing loss.

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