How To Help Your Kids Ward off the Boredom of Being at Home During a Pandemic

Roxy Millard

COVID-19 has made it difficult for parents to keep their kids entertained and occupied at home. However, there are plenty of fun activities and bonding experiences you can create for your family during this challenging time. So if you’re looking for fun activities to ward off the boredom from being at home during a global pandemic, keep reading this guide to learn more.

Encourage reading and storytelling.


Reading can help children learn, and storytelling can help them develop their imagination and creativity. Reading helps children learn about new things, while storytelling can help them explore their imaginations and learn more about themselves and the world around them. Start by making time for bedtime stories every night. You can let them read the story themselves or read it for them. Be sure to express interest by creating dynamic voices for the dialogue and keeping your voice cadence interesting. This will help show your child that reading is fun and that you support their literacy development. Sometimes, children need a little encouragement to read. Make reading a fun activity by turning it into a game or challenge. For example, see how many books your child can read in a week and reward them with a special prize. By encouraging your child to read and tell stories, you’re helping them develop these crucial skills and giving them a head start in life.

Foster teamwork through group activities


When children work together to achieve a common goal, it builds unity and strengthens relationships. You could start by having the whole family play cooperative board games. Many board games require kids to work together to win, like The Settlers of Catan or Pictionary. You could also create group challenges for your kids to complete. This could involve things like obstacle courses or races. Regardless of your chosen team activity, emphasize the importance of group support and working together. This great life lesson will help your kids thrive in future group activities as the pandemic winds down.

Set up a unique backyard activity

If you have access to a backyard or private outdoor space, encourage your kids to get outside and active with a unique backyard activity. For example, you could set up an elaborate scavenger hunt. Hide objects around the space and have your kids find them. You can make it harder or easier depending on their age and abilities. If you want something easier to set up, consider showing them how to play tag if they don’t know already. This is a classic game that kids of all ages can enjoy.

You could also order a unique kite and fly it in your backyard for some exercise and have fun at the same time. If your kids are artistic, chalk art activities are an excellent outlet for them to express themselves. Chalk is inexpensive and a great way to let your kids be creative and have fun outside. And if you’d prefer a more long-term activity, you could teach your kids to garden. Start with easy-to-grow flowers and vegetables and see their skills grow over time. Lastly, a bounce house rental can help them burn energy and have fun. Bounce houses provide a place for kids to run around and play games in a fun and energetic environment.

Get creative with arts and crafts.

One way to help your kids ward off the boredom of being at home is to get creative with arts and crafts. You can make simple projects such as paintings, ornaments, or cards. Or you can get more elaborate and make things like quilts, jewelry, or furniture with help from online tutorials. The possibilities are endless, and the projects can be tailored to your child’s interests and abilities. For example, you could encourage them to make a book of their drawings and sketches. This can include everything from cartoons and characters to landscapes and still lives. If they’re old enough, have them make a website or blog about their experiences during the pandemic. This can be a great way to keep friends and family updated on what’s going on and document their thoughts and feelings. Another exciting option is to help them make a time capsule. They can put in things like newspaper clippings, drawings, and photos that will be fun to look back on once the pandemic is over.

Keeping your kids busy and entertained during a pandemic doesn’t have to be challenging. By doing one or more of these ideas, you’ll help your children build essential life skills while keeping them entertained and busy during this tough time.

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