How To Help Your High Schooler Succeed

Johnny Garner

Raising teenagers is not an easy job. They are still young and inexperienced, but they are close to adulthood and can be on their own and make their own decisions. It can be a scary time for a parent who is worried they haven’t done enough to set their child up for success in life. The good thing is that there is still time. Even when your child reaches young adulthood, you can still be there to help them find success.

Here are a few ways you can help your high schooler succeed.

Be completely honest with them.


Giving your kids false expectations is not helping them; it sets them up for failure. Be completely honest with them about their options and things they should consider. This doesn’t mean squashing their dreams if they are ambitious but rather being honest about what it will take to achieve their dreams. If they want to be successful, they will have to work hard to achieve their goals. They need to be prepared for the hard work and understand that it doesn’t happen overnight.

Give them facts about bad behavior.


Smoking, vaping, and drinking are all dangerous behaviors that will negatively impact their physical health and ability to accomplish their goals. Many teens believe vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. However, they don’t realize how dangerous vapes and Juul products are to their health. Show them information so that they can see the negligence, health risks like popcorn lung, and deaths caused by vapes.

If your teenager is already vaping, you can provide them with information about lung injury, what happens to the liquid from the vape pens once they inhale it, and the difference between vaping and traditional smoking. Young people have been led to believe that vapor isn’t dangerous, but it can cause irreversible lung diseases. Enroll your teen in a cessation program to help them stop vaping, and if they are already experiencing health problems, contact a Juul injury lawyer to review your case.

Provide the resources they’ll need.


If your child is planning to go to college, they will need to research colleges, fill out applications, fill out the FAFSA, look for scholarships, write essays, and much more. They’ll need to know what tests are required for entry and follow the steps necessary to take those tests and get the scores they need to get into the college they want. A lot of work goes into doing well in high school, graduating, and getting into college. A professional college counselor can help your teenager take all the steps needed to get into the college they want to attend. They will help your teenager with career counseling, evaluating programs, specialties, job placement options, and career development techniques.

Give them unconditional love and support.


Even if they act like they don’t care, your teenager wants your love and support. They want to know that you will support them whether they become a doctor or a professional entertainer. They want to know you will help them, listen to them vent, and be their biggest cheerleader. They want you there for their successes and their failures. As their parent, you are their best friend and their safe place. Don’t let the stress of wanting your teenager to succeed overshadow everything already excellent about your child.

There is no clear answer for raising teenagers and preparing them for success. However, helping them make healthy decisions, being honest with them, providing them with needed resources, and giving them all the love and support they need will lay the foundation for success.

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