How to Ensure You’re Ready to Propose

Andre Austin

You think you’re all set––you’ve been to the jeweler and gotten that engagement ring that you know will be loved. The one with the sparkle that stood out when the two of you were window shopping (and definitely weren’t) hinting at a proposal being in the pipeline. Somehow you’ve managed to figure out a ring size through the naked eye alone. You’ve consulted friends, family members, online blogs, and maybe even religious elders. You might have booked a venue, a hotel, tickets to a show, or planned a route on a map to make this moment special, and above all else, memorable. This will be the perfect marriage proposal, with the perfect engagement ring on the finger of the perfect fiancé.

Sounds perfect, no? Perhaps a little too good? We all go into a marriage proposal with the best of intentions––after all, this is a huge moment. However, you can plan it for months, and yet, in the time before you get down on one knee, you aren’t fully sure that you’re ready to propose––, but that’s ok.

Don’t spend a long time on one idea. Spend some time on a few.

There are many things to consider before popping the question–details that are often forgotten about as they never feature in any of our idyllic views of how these proposals are supposed to go. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you watched a movie (likely to be broadcast on the Hallmark Channel) where the dashing hero/heroine distracts the love of their life from sneaking into the jewelers and buying the engagement ring, only for the cashier to ask if they would like some engagement ring insurance too? That part is seemingly missed out on every script that deals with marriage proposals.

How about the weather? Oh yeah, a delightful walk along the beach on the big day is a great idea; but that diamond ring is hardly going to sparkle if you go during a torrential downpour. Let’s not even get into why going to the theatre or a restaurant in the Coronavirus age is just not going to work. Then again, there have been several people who believe that getting engaged during the COVID-19 quarantine has been the best thing for them; maybe it will work for you too.

How do you choose the right ring?

Just as there are many different types of jewelry, there are also many different types of enring. You’re one of the types to consider the carat of the gold/silver/platinum band that houses the gemstone, as well as what form of gems will be in the center of the ring itself. Will it be a real diamond? A synthetic diamond? Cubic zirconia? An emerald? The perfect ring may not be quite the right one in this case––and that’s nothing to do with the price. Without getting too into the politics behind conflict diamonds, the industry behind these gems is not quite as beautiful as the diamond jewelry they produce.

Frankly, the source of many real diamonds is not pleasant, and while there are plenty of regulators that are changing the industry as a whole, it might still be worth checking out if you really want to go with one after all. Now, you may have a ring given to you by a family member––and that’s perfectly fine––but if not, and before you fork out a small fortune on a mined diamond, check out Triple-A Radio’s article on why lab-grown diamonds are actually better. It’s not only about peace of mind that the synthetic diamond on your fiance’s hand is from a more morally enriched source, but that the money you saved can be spent on a wedding instead.

Prepare for a long, short, or average-length engagement.

The proposal was wonderful; the ring is perfect, you are officially engaged… now what? Well, that is entirely up to you. Do you have a long engagement to save for a big wedding? Or would you prefer a much more intimate affair and would rather get a small ceremony done quickly? The choice is yours, though if you are going for the latter, don’t forget the CDC guidelines on events such as weddings.

When it comes to engagements, it’s a good idea just to let go of that anxiety. Yes, a proposal is a big moment, but it is a moment nonetheless. The engagement is the route to a wedding, and that’s where the goal lies. Keep calm, don’t forget yourself, and keep it real. That’s the type of proposal that gets remembered.

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