How Do Production Studios Work?

Andre Austin

Production studios come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very small, while others are large enough to house an entire production crew. So, what are production studios for and how can they benefit you and your business? Keep reading to learn more about production studios and how they work.

Filming and Recording Media


A production studio is a large facility where movies, TV shows, and commercials are filmed. A 50,000 square foot production studio, for example, would be divided into several areas, including a soundstage, a make-up, and wardrobe department, a set construction area, and a production office. The soundstage is where the action takes place. This is a large, enclosed area with a floor that can be raised or lowered to create different levels. The walls and ceiling are covered with sound-absorbent material to reduce echoes. In a major studio, the soundstage is equipped with lighting and sound equipment, as well as a large video screen that can be used to preview shots for a feature film or television productions.

The make-up and wardrobe department is where the actors get ready for their scenes. This department is equipped with dressing rooms, make-up tables, and a wardrobe area. The set construction area is where the sets for the movie or TV show are built. This area is equipped with tools and materials, such as wood, metal, and paint. The production office is where the producers and directors work. The production teams, including the director and producers, meet with the actors, discuss scenes, and make magic happen.

Equipment Used in Production Studios


Studios typically use all kinds of equipment to record feature films or televisions shows. In order to utilize equipment, an equipment checkout form might be used to keep track of the borrower who uses the equipment. Company equipment should always be signed off on a checkout form in order for the department head to keep track of who has what item. The first piece of equipment you’ll find in a production company is a camera. Cameras are used to capture images that will be used in the final product. There are many different types of cameras, and the one that is used depends on the type of production that is being created.

The next piece of equipment is the lighting. The lighting is used to create the desired atmosphere and mood for the scene. Apart from the lighting, there’s also sound equipment. The sound equipment is used to create the soundtrack for the film or show. The last piece of equipment is the editing equipment. The editing equipment is used to put the film or show together.

How the Production Process Works

First, a production studio will develop an idea for a film, TV show, or another project. This may involve hiring a team of writers to develop a story, or purchasing the rights to an existing story. Next, the production studio will create a production plan and budget. This plan will outline the steps needed to bring the project to fruition, as well as the estimated cost. Once the production plan is finalized, the studio will begin filming. This may involve hiring actors, crew members, and other professionals. The studio will also need to secure a filming location and equipment. After the filming is complete, the studio will edit the footage into a finished product. This may involve adding music, special effects, and other enhancements. Finally, the studio will release the finished product to the public. This may involve distributing it through theaters, TV networks, or other channels.

This is a general idea of how a production facility works and what goes into the production process for films, tv, and more.

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