Helpful Resources for Your Next Move

Roxy Millard

People relocate for various reasons. Perhaps you received a work transfer, but it’s too far from your new office to commute. Your family size may be changing, and you may move to a different house that suits your needs.

Whatever the reason for your move, it’s a time-consuming process with multiple steps. You may need to change your utility companies, and you’ll have to update your driver’s license and bank information. Relocating’s very stressful, which is why you’ll benefit from working with professionals who can simplify the process. Let’s look at some resources you can use the next time you move.

Rent a van.


Moving isn’t just about transporting your possessions to a new property. Many people try to arrange overlap so they have time to modify their new home before they move in. Perhaps you plan to repaint the house or put shelves in the garage. You may want to use disinfectant to clean your home and need a vehicle to transport cleaning supplies. You may also have damaged items you want to dispose of before your move instead of transporting those items to your new home.

Renting a cargo van’s a great option if you need to take materials and tools to your new house. Rent a cargo van and use it to transport supplies. Go online to rent a van and enter your desired pickup location and date. You’ll also indicate when you want to return the vehicle. An express cargo van is perfect for small jobs you need to handle before moving day. You may also need to rent an express cargo van to bring tools and supplies to your current home if you have repairs to complete before listing your property.

Hire a professional moving company.


Moving companies have all the resources you need to simplify your move. When you hire 495 Movers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have an expert team of movers handling your belongings. The company runs background checks, performs driving tests on its employees, and provides insurance. Your personal moving consultant oversees every stage of your move, evaluating your needs and making arrangements to move your possessions on schedule in a safe manner.

Your moving consultant offers a free evaluation. Their movers will stretch-wrap your doorways and floors to prevent damages. They’ll also stretch-wrap your furniture to keep it from getting scuffed. The company can supply packing materials, including custom crates. You won’t have to ask friends to help pack because your movers can pack your possessions for you. On moving day, they’ll load your possessions into a truck and transport your possessions to your new home. Once there, they’ll unload your belongings.

Many moving companies also provide storage. Suppose you close on your old home before you take possession of your new property. In that case, your moving team can transport your possessions to a storage unit and secure your belongings. Then, when you take possession of your new house, they’ll transport your belongings to your new home. Your moving crew will unload your boxes and furniture at your new house.

Your moving company can also handle long-distance moves across the U.S. It’s the driver’s responsibility to get your belongings to your new home, so you won’t have to worry about driving a moving truck across the country.

Work with a real estate agent.

Real estate agents have licensed property sales experts who’ll consider your preferences and budget and help you find a suitable property. They’ll also list your current property to help you sell your home.

Moving’s stressful, but using moving resources can reduce your stress and simplify the process. You may consider renting an express cargo van, hiring a moving company, and working with a real estate agent the next time you move.

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