Appropriate Gifts To Thank Your Clergy

Julietta Jorgensen

As the holiday season and Christmas approach, it is common to start thinking about how we will give back to the important people in our lives. For many, that is friends and family, or perhaps teachers. For others, members of the clergy or other church affiliates could be on the list. If that sounds like you, you’ve likely wracked your brain for ideas for your clergy members that feel both appropriate and festive. If you want to find some appropriate gifts to thank your clergy this holiday season, here are some ideas that will hit the mark without crossing a line.

Tickets to a Local Event or Sports Game.

Remember that your favorite clergy members aren’t just sharers of God’s word, they’re people too! When they are not reading and interpreting scripture, your clergy likely enjoys attending and patronizing local events or sports games. Gift them a thoughtful gift of tickets or a season pass that they’ll love. They will appreciate having a night off while they foster their other interests.

Decor for the Church or Worship Space

Give a gift that will give back to the entire community by buying some fresh decorations for the church or worship space. Consider getting some twinkle lights that will brighten the space up and create a more youthful atmosphere. String lights are versatile and simple to install, making them a great idea for worship spaces of all sizes. These lights will also be helpful come Christmas time because they can be used to adorn Christmas trees or create DIY decorations based around the north star and the night of the nativity story.

Handmade Prayer Accessories

Your clergy members will definitely appreciate anything that is handmade by their congregants. Create a quilt or prayer blanket out of a variety of fabrics that will promote prayer and spirituality as well as keep them warm and comfortable. Consider customizing the blanket with selected Bible verses from the Old and New Testament or spiritual phrases that remind you of your clergy and that inspire strength and clarity. You could also create other prayer accessories, like rosaries or prayer beads of some kind. No matter what you make, your clergy will feel your gratitude and will cherish the gift.

A Set of Bibles or an Individual Bible

One thing that you can guarantee your clergy members will appreciate is a new Bible. A New Living Translation Bible is a great place to start. This Bible features fresh translations for modern readers as well as the original text, and has numerous living Bible translations aimed at different populations. Your clergy may appreciate a variety of different New Living Translation Bibles so that they can read them on behalf of or loan them to specific members of the congregation who may need them. Aside from the different takes on the original text, these Bibles come in a variety of attractive leather covers in different colors.

Nice Pens and an Attractive Notebook

Many of your clergy members likely spend a lot of their time writing down thoughts and scripture interpretations to share during worship with their congregations. Because of this, they would likely appreciate having some nice pens and a nice notebook to write down their thoughts and sermons. It will liven up the way they share timeless truth with their congregation, and may even inspire them to write even more.

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