5 Tips to Feel More Comfortable In Your Body

Johnny Garner

Throughout your lifetime, you’ll only get one body so it’s important to treat it right. It’s important to care for your body on both a physical and mental level. Even knowing this, though, many people struggle with feeling confident in their bodies, however precious they might be. Surrounded by magazine images and weightloss advertisements, it’s easier to tell yourself you would love your body—if you only lost weight or looked like a Kardashian.

If you’re uncomfortable with the skin you’re in, you aren’t alone. And, more importantly, you’re not without options. A few small changes can help you to cultivate body positivity, helping you to feel more comfortable and confident in no time.

Get Active



You already know that regular exercise is good for you both physically and mentally. Your workouts don’t need to happen with an end goal of weight loss in mind. A body-positive approach to exercise can help you to reap the benefits of working out while helping you become more confident in your body. As you become more active, you’ll discover all the amazing things your body can do, whether you’re perfecting your eagle pose or running your first 5k. Your body is incredible, so why wouldn’t you treat it well?

Highlight Your Favorite Features



If you tend to focus on what you dislike about your body⁠—be that areas storing extra fat, frizz in your hair, or something else entirely⁠—something as simple as shifting that focus to the features you love can help build your confidence and comfort levels. Love your eyes? Pick up some magnetic eyelashes to highlight your natural lash line and frame those baby blues (or browns, or greens, etc.). Magnetic lashes are a simple addition to your morning routine. As you apply your false lashes, your thoughts are inevitably brought to your eyes. Magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes can help enhance your natural lashes and make you feel empowered.

Let Yourself Feel Sexy



Whether or not you feel like it, something about you⁠—and your body⁠—is unquestionably sexy. Why wouldn’t you want to lean into it? Whether you want to feel better naked or give yourself a secret confidence boost, Find something that makes you feel as sexy as you do in your wildest dreams. If you dream of the lace babydolls and thongs in shop windows but feel like your body isn’t made for it, consider shopping for some plus size lingerie. Built to accentuate your curves rather than hide them, a sexy teddy, bra, or another piece can be a simple change that makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Take Care of Yourself



Beyond exercise and working to see your body in a positive light, treating yourself with compassion will allow you to feel better. You can start with something as simple as ensuring that you do at least one good thing for your body every day. Be sure you’re drinking enough water each day. Feed your body with nutritious foods, along with the occasional treat. Get enough sleep each night. Limit or cut out any vices, like caffeine, smoking, alcohol, or other drug use. Try meditation or another method to decrease stress. The options are limitless.


Consider Professional Help



If you’re working to implement these changes and still find yourself uncomfortable, it’s worth considering whether an issue like body dysmorphia may be at play. If you suspect your mental health is affecting your confidence in your body, talking to a professional can help. You can even take advantage of the benefits of a mental health professional from home: NYC Therapy prioritizes empathy during psychotherapy to help you feel your best. You can even consider group therapy with a certified psychologist.

From slipping into some sexy lingerie or eyelash extensions to talking to a therapist, there are countless ways to start feeling more comfortable in your body, starting today. Try a few different methods to see what works best for you and add something new when you feel the need to. Whatever it takes, know that you can work on personal growth.

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