4 Things to Know About Living in a College Dorm

Roxy Millard

For many prospective college students, the concept of moving into a dorm freshman year can be exciting. It’s a symbol of independence and the next step towards adulthood as you work through your studies. However, dorm life can be vastly different from your current home life. To prepare for this new way of living, here are four things you should know about living in a college dorm.

1. You’re going to be living in a smaller space than you’re used to.


Dorm rooms are small, regardless of whether you share your room with another student or opt for an individual space. As such, making sure that you have all the necessary furnishings and tools to maximize your space is crucial to making it through the year. For example, being in such a cramped space studying all day can do a number on your legs. You can get more movement without having to take up more space by getting a standing desk.

Whether you’re looking for a type of stand-up desk that rises and collapses as needed or you want a standing desk converter for the top of your desk (especially if you have accessories like a desk lamp or a Bluetooth keyboard), there are a host of excellent products designed to battle obesity and help you get regular exercise when you’re sitting at your computer for long periods of time.

2. Use available resources to stay focused on your studies.


Choosing the dorm life means having greater independence on your own. However, that independence comes with a great deal of responsibility. It’s very easy to get distracted in college and lose focus on what your end goal is while you’re at college. One great way to stay focused is to join an organization like the National Society of High School Scholars.

While NSHSS scam rumors have been circulated before, this is a legitimate organization comprised of high-achieving high school students transitioning over to their chosen university. With their support, you can prepare for your future, get the financial support you need, and set long-term goals for your career that will help you stay on track once you move into your dorm. When you have your sights set on a specific goal, it will be hard to sway you from it.

3. Look for tech that will keep you in the zone in your dorm.


Whether you have rowdy floormates or simply get distracted easily when you’re trying to study for long periods, investing in the right tools will make it easier to stay on task. For example, one of the most essential tools to have with you is a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

A great pair of noise-canceling headphones will stay charged for hours and keep all external noises out of your space so you can focus all of your attention on your studies. If you know that you will easily be pulled away from tasks in the dorm or in public, a pair of these will be a lifesaver.

4. Learn how to get along with people in your personal space.


Unless you go for a solo dorm room, learning how to get along with someone who will be in your personal space for the rest of the year is one of the most important focuses to have before you move in with them. Start figuring out what you can do like creating boundaries and expectations before you meet, coming up with a process for dealing with minor issues, and having a few talking points ready for when you meet them. While there are some nightmare roommate stories out there, this is generally not the case.

Dorm life is far different than many incoming freshmen college students expect. If you want to be fully prepared for life in the dorms, the tips above will provide you with greater insight into what you need to succeed in shared spaces with other undergraduates.

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