4 Easy Ways to Show Your Customers You Care (Without Spending a Fortune)

Colin Rose

When you set up a business, you focus on the product and sales. You make sure your team has a professional look. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you make sure it’s well-stocked. From pricing and branding to marketing and sales — you think you have it all figured out. What good is any of this if your customers aren’t happy?

Good customer experience includes excellent customer service. However, that’s not all. Customers will want to feel cared for, and this isn’t difficult to achieve. The way you interact, your online presence — even packaging can make a difference. So, how do you make sure all your customers are happy? Think about making small changes that won’t break the bank. Offer personalization, give business cards out at events, improve your social media presence. Read on to see how to show your customers you care.

Focus on personalization.


People love personalization. An easy way to improve customer experience is to personalize it for them. Remember names, follow-up at future visits, add personalized notes to the bills, and so on. And don’t forget customized products. A fast turnaround on personalized items can have customers flocking to your business.

Even if your customer is an organization, offer them a fun, personalized experience. If you’re a printing company, offer deals on business cards and business card slits. If they’re printing important documents, pack them in a foil-embossed folder. Many companies require personalization on their stationery or marketing materials. Allow them graphic design and presentation folder design options. Offer custom printed folders and let them choose from templates and full-color options. Companies will appreciate personalized attention to what seems to be dull office materials. Offer customization on everything from business folders and tax folders to pocket folders.

If you’re not a printing company, you can hire a third party to help you out. A small investment like this can help bring you significant returns. For a cheaper option, offer monogrammed packaging or products. Make sure your business cards and packaging reveal the quality you provide customers.

Connect on social media.

You don’t have to limit your connections with customers to business days. Don’t stalk them, but do connect with them on social media. Increasing your brand’s online presence means improving customer interaction. Improving your online presence does not have to cost you anything. Even if you hire a social media manager, the returns will outweigh the expenditure.

Track who is talking about your business. Address negative comments and thank customers for positive ones. Every review you respond to helps you become more than just a faceless corporation. You can even like customer posts — but keep this business-related. Only like and comment on their social media pages if they post a picture or review of your product. Otherwise, save your interactions for your business’ social media page.

Don’t forget about customer service.

Customers expect excellent service, and you will also lose business if they don’t get it. So, focus on the best customer experience possible. Encourage supervisors and team leaders to interact with customers as much as possible. Be present as much as you can. And, remember that you too should focus on customer interaction. For example, walk customers to the door or ask them about their experience after they’ve shopped.

A vital arm of customer service is a quality assurance and after-sales service team. Have a quick-turnaround on customer questions and complaints. Remember, you can’t always control a third-party call center manager or call center agent. For excellent agent performance, it’s best to have an in-house contact center. You need the best results from your customer service team. So, consider call center performance or contact center software. It will help you with call center quality management and customer service all at once. It will also help with performance management, keeping customers, and employees happier.

Reward and thank customers.


Excellent customer experience is about more than customer interaction. You can make your customers feel unique even with a few tweaks to your packaging. Sometimes, a discount or an occasional freebie will be enough to make a customer happy. If you can’t afford to give out discounts, don’t worry. You can improve their experience with the products they purchase.

Remember to invest in packaging that has a professional look. Add handwritten thank-you notes or free samples in big purchases. You can also add package inserts like candy or fun stickers. Add in discounts for future purchases — this will also help you get additional sales. Anything that will help put a smile on a customer’s face will help show them you care.

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