3 Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Wedding

Roxy Millard

CBD products are growing in popularity and becoming widely available in a range of products. From food and drink to beauty and skincare there is a CBD-infused product for everything. The benefits of CBD oil are trending in the wedding industry. Many couples are incorporating CBD into their weddings for a trendy touch. These are three ways to incorporate CBD into your wedding. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is produced by the cannabis family but unlike marijuana, which contains THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. It has all the same relaxing properties without the euphoric high. CBD is used to treat pain, relieve stress and anxiety, treat mood disorders, and more. Users can consume CBD in a variety of forms like tinctures, edibles, topical creams, and supplements. 

Party Favors 

Giving out relaxing CBD rescue kits to the wedding party is a fun way to help them relax and unwind. Bath bombs, soaps, and CBD skincare products are great party favor ideas. Handing out CBD candies is a fun way to incorporate CBD for a low cost. Candies can easily be presented in personalized bags, boxes, or wrappers. 

CBD Oil Solutions is an online CBD store with a range of CBD Edibles in a multitude of flavors, strengths, and designs. Their CBD edibles gummies, caramels, and chocolates are all produced with hemp-derived CBD. The edibles allow for quick and easy serving sizes and small serving size amounts. 

Pre-Wedding Jitters 

Weddings tend to inspire stress and nerves. CBD tinctures taken orally can help alleviate pre-wedding jitters. For brides and bridesmaids, applying CBD body lotion on the feet will help with high heel pain. To avoid waking up with a hangover from the festivities, taking CBD gel capsules before bed will help fend off a hangover. 

CBD oil is a healthy and natural way to get radiant skin. It is full of detoxifying antioxidants that purify the body and protect the skin from harmful everyday toxins. There is plenty of restorative vitamins D and E which nourish and protect the skin. 

CBD has calming effects on irritated complexions. It’s easy to Incorporate CBD beauty products into a daily skincare routine to relieve stress. Masks call the skin and promote cell renewal, Moisturized soothes and hydrates stressed skin, and CBD hair serum strengthens and moisturizes hair. 

The body has an endocannabinoid system that naturally creates cannabinoids. Taking CBD supplements can help keep this system in top performing shape. The endocannabinoid system is essential to the life cycle of basal cells which comprise the inner layer of the epidermis. CBD regulates the life cycle of these cells resulting in youthful, radiant skin. 

If CBD can help brides get glow-ready for wedding day photos, then a photo saver from Meet ibi will help them store all the days’ memories. Meet ibi is a personal home cloud device for storing over 250,00 photos and 100 hours of HD videos. Ibi collects and backs up devices, social platforms, and designated cloud accounts and allows users to privately share memories with friends and family. 

Infused Drinks 

Serve CBD coffee at the reception to give guests the chance to wind down from the party. Another alternative is to serve CBD-infused tea that combines the calming properties of CBD with soothing teas. The latest wedding trend is CBD-infused cocktails. Consider using a specially-crafted CBD cocktail for a toast. Do be sure to label any CBD beverages so that guests are aware. 

To-go snacks are a tasty way to send off guests for the night. Display individually wrapped brownies or cookies by the door with a label explaining what they are. 

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