3 Tips For Selling Your Home in Florida

Andre Austin

One of the most heavily migrated to states in the United States, selling your home in Florida has never been easier. Between the real estate boom and the fact that millennials and retirees alike continue to move to Florida in huge numbers, putting your house on the Florida market can be a financially lucrative decision.

However, just because selling your Florida property will likely be easy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead as if the market was weaker. In order to make the most on the sale of your Florida home, there are things you’ll want to do and consider before calling a real estate agent or putting up that first listing. For three things to think about when selling your home in Florida, read on.

1. Planning Ahead


As a Florida homeowner, you likely already understand the reason many hope to move to your state. Florida residents enjoy living in the warmest state in the United States and aren’t required to pay income tax. With the remote worker job force reaching its peak, Flordia has become a fantastic place for laying roots and establishing that fine balance between work and play.

If you’re a homeowner putting your house on the market soon, you’ll need to do some planning. The same way your buyer will need to do their homework on the panhandle and east versus west coasts, you’ll want a plan of your own.

It’s important to realize that the real estate market is booming in every state in the United States. When selling your Florida home, even if you plan to move north or out of state, you’ll want to secure a landing place. Rental markets in all states are tight right now, so having a plan for after you sell your home is important.

Do what you can to establish a solid plan now. From contacting a Miami moving company for price quotes based on your next destination or home to looking into storage services, the more information you have on things like movers, warranties, service contracts, and how you’ll move that piano will be helpful as you make decisions.

When working with a place like Solomon & Sons Relocation, you’ll want to ask about various affordable packages for your residential move. You might be surprised to learn about the convenience and affordability of working with professional movers for a local or even long-distance move. Most movers are willing to offer a free quote.

When prepping your home for the market, it’s a good idea to look into junk removal services, storage options, appliance protection, and additional coverages on homeowner insurances as well. If you’re like most people, questions will come up as you begin the selling and moving process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your homeowner insurance or warranty plan administrator to get those answers on things like extended warranties and repair services in older homes.

2. Considering Timing


Any smart home seller understands that there are better times than others to put a home on the market. In the Sunshine State, you’ll want to pay attention to hurricane season as buyers may have questions about home warranties, storm damage, and normal wear that comes with living by the coast. If you can’t wait until after November to sell your Florida home, be sure you’re up-to-date on the best home warranty in Florida for when those homebuyer questions inevitably come.

3. Taking Advantage of Location


There’s a big difference between a home on South Beach and in New York City. People are moving to Florida with the help of experienced movers because they’re looking for the kind of lifestyle they’ll find in Jacksonville. Ready to spend long days in the sun, potential buyers already understand the perks of your Sunshine State home location.

However, to get the best deal for your home sale, you’ll want to play up your Florida location. When staging your home, be sure to make use of outdoor spaces and consult with a realtor with years of experience about how to best highlight the Florida lifestyle offered by your home.

In the end, it won’t be difficult to sell your Florida home. At the same time, in planning ahead, being aware of coverages and the market outside Florida, and highlighting the best things about your home’s location, you’ll have a better selling and moving experience. Best of luck to you on the sale of your home. Enjoy your next adventure!

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